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"Alcape is well known for its high-quality workmanship, consistent and pertinent material specifications and the company’s ability to provide intelligent, even extreme fencing solutions."
Dave Warner

Extreme Fencing

No fence too high, no barrier too tough, for every application there’s a solution. Here at Alcape we cater for home and business security, keeping your Family and Business secured.

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Domestic L1

Residential  Perimeter fencing

Industrial L2

Industrial  Perimeter fencing

Extreme L3

Extreme Perimeter Fencing Applications

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Palasade Fence

Suitable for large properties, benefits of palisade fencing are that its anti-cut which helps in making it difficult for criminals to break the fence with traditional tools

Clear View

Clear view fencing is an all in one solution providing a great visual aesthetic. The benefits of clear view are that it is anti-cut, anti-climb and CCTV optimized.

Electric Fence

High quality electric fencing solutions for home, commercial and infrastructure security.

Razor Diamond Mesh

Barbed tape or razor wire is a mesh of metal strips with sharp edges whose purpose is to prevent passage by humans

Internal Factory Partitioning

Steel partition wall systems are perfect for dividing up large, open-plan areas

Recreational Fencing

Securing public spaces, sports grounds and parks with clearview fencing

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Nylo coated

Home security

Clear View


Solid Rod Gates

Automated Gates

Recreational Fencing

Astro turf

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